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I must compliment MG on the simple way in which he taught us how to live and work right. Many others could know about it but no one can explain it the way he did. After creating values, I realised what I am and what I stand for. In effect also telling me what my work should stand for. If thoughts become things, then MG showed us how to think right. Where to go and where not to go.

Mr. Dhiren Shah
(Aim Filtertech Private limited)

We learnt to define Core Values, Core Purpose and Vision of the company and started thinking about business from strategic point of view. We have defined long term goals and strategies and have started methodically working on them. We have become much effective leaders. Team is more motivated now, willing to take challenges, they want to be contributors in growth.

Mrs. Kranti & Mr. Ameeth Kkaulgud
(Directors - Polychem)

TGOB brought a lot of alignment within the team and me, which improved communication, efficiency, productivity and performance. Effective delegation made people take ownership and accountability. I started getting lot of time for myself. In the last two years, I did “Pune to Kanyakumari” on cycle and “Kanyakumari to Kashmir” on bike. I also travelled from Pune to Singapore on bike which was a distance of 10,000 kms over a period of one and half months.

Mr. Yatin Tambe
(Chairman - Friction Welding Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

We believe that mentorship is very important. A mentor helps set guidelines in life which takes you to the next level of growth. Having a Guru like MG is a blessing. Life has become simpler and the mantra is “No postponement of life”. On the professional level the team has become more aligned and co-operative.

Mr. Rahul & Mrs. Monika Dhad
(Directors - Shivaji Technologies)

After doing the program I find myself more confident, more focused and I am experiencing immense satisfaction while doing business. MG sir ignites passion for business. He makes entrepreneurs understand that their potential is much more than what they are doing currently.

Now as a team, we have one vision, one common mission and every one working towards it. Team is having a sense of ownership and are enjoying their work.”

Mr. Sagar Agarwal
Company name designation

TGOB has built in a synergy in the organization. Because of N-Vision what seemed to be an endless effort for me in the past six years was achieved in a single session. I am now in a position to align all my directors with the company's vision and further to share the same ideology.

Mr. Pravin Biche
(MD - Orbital)

MG is creating new lot of entrepreneurs, who are going to build our tomorrow's nation. It is my personal experience that, by attending such a powerful program conducted by a mentor like MG, every difficulty will become very simple and it will help people in a long way. MG is always there to show us the right path and I feel proud of being associated with a great person like him.”

Mr. Suhas Mantri
(MD- Mantri Constructions)

MG explained to me business is enhancing business what you are actually doing. So you need to sale your services to right people. MG says that a coach is required when you have done 10 sets of pushups and you think you cannot do any more but he is there to ensure that you do them. MG is ensuring that we implement and give that extra.

Mr. Nilesh Laddad
(Planedge Consultants)

We owe our success to your coaching which was not only motivating and inspiring but also highly enlightening. We are happy to see that the coaching has benefitted the whole team and made a visible impact on their morale and performance.

Mr. Arvind Jain, Mr. Shravan Agarwal
(Director - Pride Purple)

In last 12 months biggest achievement is awareness. Things were going on and were being done subconsciously but Chrysalis made me aware about things, to do them consciously and how things should happen in the right manner.

Mr. Awinash Nawathe

This Program gave a lot of confidence and validated my beliefs and ideas. The sharings of participants helped in taking care of a lot of challenges. A positive outlook towards business became very strong.

Ms. Anju Bansal
(Director - Pie Bee)

After the vision session, the clarity was on what you want, what you achieve comes later. We became very clear about what we want. The person, who couldn’t think about 1cr, started thinking about 5000 cr. So there has been a huge shift in the dream and the actions would follow.

We are exposed to a lot of information and knowledge but we rarely implement them. However, when you hear it from MG it is much more broken down, simpler and he also gives you the ways to implement it. When we read, we feel the need for it but don’t know ways to implement it. That gap was filled with TGOB.

Ms. Vandita Kedia
(Director – Mint Tree Business Pvt. Ltd.)

This Program Changed my outlook towards running business, it removed the fear factor that sometimes creeps in when we are faced with tough times .It widened my though process and I could break face of mindsets.

Ms. Sonali Mehta
(Director – Mehta Gems and Jewels)

People do not know loving yourself is good. Even I didn't know until Life Leadership program happened to me. Cheers Nilesh!!

Nilesh Maniyar

Chrysalis…is a motivation to explore you in different colors of life. We have learnt to be confident, great, wonderful, and happy. Our world has become beautiful and we have started loving ourselves more. MG is really a superstar and makes your life powerful and wonderful”.

Deepali Bafna and Hemant Bafna

MG is a great energy source and I wished some part of that energy could also be in me. I joined the Life Leadership Program and life took a new turn. MG is not just a coach and a mentor but also a good friend and I wish that this bond continues to grow strong over the years.

Mahesh Prabhudesai

All the developments progress like career wise, job change, education wise upgrading the knowledge base…being extra health cautious… All happened during the period I was in LLP...It all happened because of the momentum that was set during LLP”.

Prashant Dhoot

Life has found a new dimension with LLP and its learnings, “TAILOR MADE” by our own MG in a simplified way. The journey in Chrysalis is from “confusion to clarity”.

Swapnil Kulkarni

This program changed me into a positive thinker and also made me more confident. For me it changed the whole concept of impossibility, it helped me to make all my relationships stronger and everlasting.

Aditya Gandhi

My confidence level, time management, decision power, taking new measurement, sharing and maintaining healthy relationship really developed. Now I am celebrating life like never before.

Jagruti Soni

My life was a journey within, where i could connect to my innersoul and realised the purpose of my life. I could understand the balance that i wanted to have in my life & my journey has begain to achive & maintain it.

Unmesh Gugale

My life blessed n blissful journey within the soul


Problem word disappeared from my dictionary after my life, it is converted in to challenges se ghabra jayenge, not possible!!!


Ehsaas took our relationship to a new horizon. Showed us the real meaning of being together.. Learnt new things like the importance of spending quality time than the quantity of time.. understood each other's nature.. closely, deeply & innovatively. Actually words are falling short to express the experience of Ehsaas. Many Many thanks to MG sir and Rachana Bhabhi for making our married life so beautiful. We are blessed to be a part of Ehsaas.

Renuka & Chaitnaya Moholkar

Ehsaas in Goa was really Ehsaas of true relationship and true marriage to both of us. It was Ehsas of what exactly was missing in our relationship. It was complete eye opener session and was conducted in very fun filled manner by MG sir so enjoyed a lot.

Zelam & Amit Chaubal

Ehsaas has been like a “cherry on the cake “.. has made our fights sweeter & has enabled us to understand each other in a better manner. Enjoyed the experience of writing the love letter the most.

Jyoti & Ganesh Nimhan

Had an amazing experience at Ehsaas. . Especially the activity of ‘open the windows’ gave us the opportunity to share with each other, the things we had never said. It helped to resolve the misunderstandings and following it in our life has made our relationship more strong.

Puja & Tushar Dube

One of the most lovely aspect about Ehsaas was melting of “Me” & Ehsaas of “We”. Life leadership lead to a birth of new “Ratnali” whereas Ehsaas has made us the best companion for each other. Yes, the “love” factor was always there, since ours is a love marriage but Ehsaas has inspired us to lead a purposeful, visionary & blissful married life together. Thank you sir, Rachna mam & thank you Chrysalis

Ratnali & Sushil Mundada